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You not only want a good, licensed plumber, but a plumber that has your back should you need a house call off-hours. Thankfully, many plumbers offer hours around the clock.


Know what else? Some plumbers offer hours around the clock on a regular basis, though not many. Usually, they can be reached for emergency situations, but others work with you if you have an odd working schedule or need an appointment late at night.


The best thing you can do is search our directory and see who is local to you. From there, you can check what kind of hours they keep, and what their emergency protocol entails.

About 24 Hour Plumbers

What’s great is that you can call some of these plumbers 24 hours a day, and talk with somebody who can help you decide if it’s a situation that you can quickly resolve until a plumber gets there, like turning off a water valve, or if they need to send somebody right away.


Water heater broken? Toilet overflowing? Give a 24-hour plumbing service a call and get the help you need, when you need it. Be aware, that some, not all may charge different fees for late-night services.


This may be something you’ll want to look into. The smart thing to do is to find a plumber before you have to, so you have someone to call in if the need arises. 

Enter your information in our search box, and we’ll find a plumber near you to help make things easier. 

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