Fix Faucets

Do Plumbers Fix Faucets

If you already know that a plumber can fix a clogged toilet, then you are also aware that they maintain and install pipes used in transporting fluid, but do plumbers fix faucets too?

If you are not sure what the answer should be, it is okay, but you should not lose another opportunity to know the role and responsibilities of a plumber.

Luckily for you, we have put together the information that you will require to answer boldly anywhere.

What Is A Faucet?

What Is A Faucet

Knowing what a faucet is can be a great way to start, right? After all, one of the first things a plumber will do before repairing a faucet is to identify what type is installed in your home or office.

That is mainly because they are available in various types and shapes, including a cartridge, ball, disc, and compression.

In very simple terms, a faucet is designed to manage the rate at which gas or liquid flows through a pipe.

It then implies that when a leaking faucet is connected to a container that contains gas, the environment could be at risk.

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What Are Faucets Used For, And Why Do They Leak?

Because faucets are an integral part of any home and office, they tend to wear off quickly when they are not properly maintained.

The damages start from when it begins to leak and can also compound into unusual noise as you try to turn them on.

In a broad sense, a faucet comprises a cartridge, water inlets, aerators, handles, etc, and they are used to transport water from one plumbing system to another.

They are available in unique shapes and designs that you can choose from.

Likewise, the valve in a faucet opens when the handle of the tap is turned on and closes when you turn off the faucet.

That immediately tells you that the handle can be used to control the flow of the substance, whether liquid or gas.

Below are some of the reasons responsible for a leaking faucet:

The Washer:

When you turn on the handle of the faucet, you are actually creating friction between the washer and the valve.

Over a period of time, the washer begins to weaken, thereby causing water to drip through the faucet.

The O Ring:

It can determine whether or not the faucet will function well. When it wears out, you will find water dripping steadily through the faucet.

The O Ring can be found around the stem crew, which is used to secure the handle of the faucet.

A Poorly Installed Washer:

There is a time to repair the washer, there also comes a time when you have to discard it for good.

In both instances, if the washer isn’t fixed properly, the faucet will still leak.

To determine the right shape and size of the washer, we will advise you to consult a professional plumber.

That brings us to the question we have all been waiting for, which is:

Can Plumbers Fix Faucets?

Yes! Plumbers are trained to fix faucets. In fact, it is always better to let them install it or maintain the one that is already there.

A professional plumber has the right tools that are required to get the job done coupled with many years of experience on the job.

Whether it’s in an industrial or residential environment, talking to a professional plumber can save you so much stress and resources.

It completely erases all the guesswork that most times ends up creating more problems.

Instead of putting yourself through the anxiety of a high water bill, it is safe to call in a plumbing technician who can attend to your faulty faucets.

If you have a challenge deciding which plumbing service is suitable for you, start by looking through the various options that are available online or you can ask your friends and family to refer a good plumber. It is always worth the while.


If plumbers do not fix faulty faucets, who will? Instead of complaining about your leaking pipes and leaking faucet, wouldn’t it be better if you convert all of that energy into finding the right plumber for the job?

If you think hiring a plumber might be too expensive for you, maybe it is time to consider the anxiety and high water bill that comes with leaving the faucet as it is.

If you think through it well enough, you’ll realize that hiring a professional plumber will save you much more money in the long run and improve your peace of mind.