When Should You Call a Plumber For a Clogged Drain

When Should You Call a Plumber For a Clogged Drain?

It is rare to find a homeowner who has not experienced the delays of a clogged drain.

If your answer sounds like “well, I haven’t” then maybe you are only a few weeks from experiencing it for yourself because it almost seems inevitable.

At what point do you have to call for a plumber to fix your clogged drain or is it a situation you feel you can always handle on your own?

Being able to fix the drain all by yourself is not a bad idea at all but if you will allow a professional plumber to attend to it, it can save you time and money which could have been spent on guesswork.

We always say “leave it to the professionals,” it is not a nice cliche or an avenue to get you to spend money; instead is a proven fact.

Lots of homeowners only end up compounding the problems that could have been solved easily, had they called a plumber technician.

That said, you are about to find out when to call the attention of a plumber to your choked drain.

What Causes Obstruction In Pipes?

What Causes Obstruction In Pipes

Let’s begin here: Have you ever asked what causes a clogged pipe drain? Could it possibly be the result of what flows through our dishwashers, sinks, toilets, and so on?

There are ways to identify an obstructed drain, and you can tell by observing the flow of water through your kitchen or bathroom sink.

If it is very slow, then you don’t need anyone to tell you there’s a problem that needs to be attended to.

A slow draining sink is the result of dirt, food waste, and other residues that have accumulated over time.

They end up forming a sticky film that attaches itself to the walls of the pipe, thereby preventing the free flow of water.

If this is your experience, you can either try to clear it up yourself or preferably call in a plumber.

No matter how careful you get, a clogged drain is bound to happen as a result of the frequent use of your home features, such as your sinks, washing machine, and bathtub. So, don’t think it is peculiar to only your home.

At What Point Should You Call In A Plumber

This is the answer we have all been waiting for, so let’s get right into it.

It’s easy to try using a plunger to clear a slow-draining sink. However, when the water just wouldn’t flow at all, that clearly indicates that you will need a plumbing technician to clear up the mess.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “if the plunger did it the first time, it can do it again.”

Such thoughts only lead to bigger problems and we know that is something you do not want.

As effective as a plunger can be, the best it can do is to displace the clog but if you want the clogs removed completely, then you will need something more than an air pressure plunger.

A professional plumber is trained to proffer solutions to a clogged drain, irrespective of the extent of the damages and they know exactly the right tools to use, without causing a defect in your pipe.

In certain areas where you only see a slow draining sink, a plumber can see far more than that and advise you on the right materials to purchase.

While clearing out the debris from your pipe, it is an opportunity to clean up the drain pipes as well; thereby, prolonging the state of the pipes.

If you have regular complaints of blocked sinks and drains, that’s another sign that you are not doing something right.

Allow the experienced plumber to do their job of restoring your pipe to its original state. You will be glad that you made that decision.

Other Benefits Of Using The Service Of a Plumber

A clogged drain can result in stagnant water, have you thought about the unpleasant smell that could spread across your home as a result?

Try leaving stagnant water for a day a two and you will have secured a breeding space for all kinds of bacteria.

Similarly, while trying to clean up the pipes, a slight mistake from you can result in a damaged pipe or an outburst of very dirty water and residual. That alone can ruin some of your expensive valuables.

When you look at it from this perspective, you will realize that having a plumber do your maintenance and installation properly, the first time, can help you save more money eventually.


As long as we have sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines, the job of a plumber will still be relevant.

No doubt, there are basic tools you can use to fix minor plumbing issues around the house but that will not replace the need for professional plumbers.